Sell and purchase tickets at a fair price

Our mission

  • Valoración de la comunidad y los miembros.
  • Proteja a los consumidores de lo inesperado
  • Limitar los precios de venta para combatir la especulación
  • Asegurar transacciones entre individuos
  • Apoyando a los organizadores en el mercado secundario

Nuestra misión es proteger a los consumidores ante imprevistos y controlar la especulación y el fraude en la reventa de entradas

On average 7% of ticket holders face a hazard and seek to resell their tickets to recover their money.
It is to meet this need of consumers that PasseTonBillet proposes a platform that connects ticket sellers and buyers.

Limiting sales prices against speculation
In line with legislation, PasseTonBillet is a responsible platform that caps sales prices at the face value of the ticket.
On PasseTonBillet; the objective of the resellers is not to make profit and speculation but to be able to recover a part of the ticket money.

Why choose PasseTonBillet

The resale of tickets on social networks and non-specialist sites (leboncoin, Snapt Chat...) is uncontrollable for organisers and very risky for consumers. As a generalist platform, they have no control over either the ads they publish or the proper conduct of transactions. There have been countless scams and disappointments following transactions on these platforms. As a buyer, there is a significant risk of receiving a fake note or a note that has already been used and you will have no recourse. As a seller, it saves you from wasting time with non-serious buyers, never getting paid, and also saves you from having to travel for risky hand deliveries.
At PasseTonBillet, we are specialists in all types of ticket transactions. We check every ticket offered for sale on our site with our expertise. If our technical checks reveal an anomaly, either in the payment made by the buyer or in the quality of the ticket offered for sale, the sale is cancelled and we make refunds. The controls put in place by PasseTonBillet do not exist on general classified ad sites because they have a cost. It is to finance these costs that we apply a service charge on transactions.

Security, transparency and the fight against abusive pricing

We insure your money until we receive it

Your money will be withheld and the seller will not be paid until after the date of your ticket.

We will reimburse you if

If you do not encounter a problem with your ticket, open a dispute and request the assistance of our services in order to obtain a possible refund of the ticket.

Limitation of ticket prices

Um Spekulationen entgegenzuwirken, ist der Preis der verkauften Tickets auf den Preis begrenzt, zu dem sie erworben wurden.

How does it work?

sell a ticket

Once your ad is online, you don't have to do anything else. We will send you an email as soon as your ticket has been sold and the money has been sent via bank transfer.

Buy a ticket

Buy a ticket directly online with just a few clicks and receive your ticket in your mailbox.

In partnership with MangoPay

MangoPay verifies the identity of each merchant who transacts before paying them. MangoPay is a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkea bank.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

extra costs

We charge sellers and buyers a service fee. Prices vary depending on the theme of the site.

Selling a ticket is free. Fees only apply when a ticket is sold. Seller and buyer each pay part of the service fee.

The retail price is €20
The seller receives €19
Buyer pays €21
Swipe your ticket and get €2