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Since 2012 PasseTonBillet has been a marketplace for buying and selling second-hand train tickets, concerts, festivals, amusement parks, vouchers, plane tickets, sporting events. The security of transactions and the fight against abusive prices is our priority. Tickets and sellers are checked and the sale price cannot exceed the face value of the ticket.

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Once your ad is online, you don't have to do anything else. We will send you an email as soon as your ticket has been sold and the money has been sent via bank transfer.

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Buy a ticket directly online with just a few clicks and receive your ticket in your mailbox.

In partnership with MangoPay

MangoPay verifies the identity of each merchant who transacts before paying them. MangoPay is a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkea bank.

Security, transparency and the fight against abusive pricing

We insure your money until we receive it

Your money will be withheld and the seller will not be paid until after the date of your ticket.

We will reimburse you if

If you do not encounter a problem with your ticket, open a dispute and request the assistance of our services in order to obtain a possible refund of the ticket.

Limitation of ticket prices

Um Spekulationen entgegenzuwirken, ist der Preis der verkauften Tickets auf den Preis begrenzt, zu dem sie erworben wurden.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why should you choose PasseTonBillet to resell your tickets?

Why go through PasseTonBillet and pay a transaction fee when I can buy or sell for free on general classifieds sites?

In fact, you can place an ad directly on this kind of generally free website. However, we warn you as they have no control over the ads they post or the smooth running of transactions.

Banknotes are perishable assets that are not like any other product and require special supervision that a general site cannot provide.

You can't find tickets As a buyer, there is a considerable risk of receiving a counterfeit or already used ticket that you cannot take recourse to. As a seller, you save time with dubious buyers and may never pay too much.

At PasseTonBillet we are specialists in all types of ticket transactions. We check every ticket for sale on our site with our experience. If our technical controls detect an anomaly, either in the payment made by the buyer or in the quality of the title offered for sale, the sale will be canceled and we will process the return.

Therefore, the advantage of using PasseToBillet to secure payment, guarantee transactions, save time and prevent fraud attempts is obvious. The controls that PasseTonBillet put in place don't exist on the general classifieds sites, they are paid for and therefore we charge a commission on the transactions.

extra costs

We charge sellers and buyers a service fee. Prices vary depending on the theme of the site.

Selling a ticket is free. Fees only apply when a ticket is sold. Seller and buyer each pay part of the service fee.

The retail price is €20
The seller receives €19
Buyer pays €21
Swipe your ticket and get €2