about us

This is the story of a small Facebook group that was created in 2008 and turned into a start-up project to optimize the exchange and resale of used tickets between individuals.
PasseTonBillet.fr has been the leading platform for buying and reselling used train tickets for 10 years now.
The site is 100% free and uses different technological processes to offer a much safer and more efficient platform than the competition and Facebook groups.

The timeline:

  • 2008: Foundation of the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/4856026601/
  • 2009: Integration of the Essec Venture incubator and launch of the PasseTonBillet.fr website in May 2009
  • 2012: PassTonBillet touches 1 million visitors a year
  • 2018: Complete overhaul and launch of a new free & secure version