About Us

This is the story of a small Facebook group created in 2008 that turned into a start-up project, to streamline the exchange and resale of used tickets between individuals.
PasseTonBillet.fr, is today the leading platform on the purchase and resale of second-hand train tickets for 10 years.
The website is 100% free and uses various technological processes to offer a much more secure and efficient platform than the competition and the Facebook groups.

The timeline:

  • 2008: creation of Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/4856026601/
  • 2009: integration of the Essec Venture incubator and launch in May 2009 of the PasseTonBillet.fr site
  • 2012: PassTonBillet touches 1 Million visitors in the year
  • 2018: Complete overhaul and launch of a new free & secure version